MPA Questions

Some frequently asked MPA questions are listed here, but if you have any more questions, contact Public Admin Careers to get more information.

Where can I apply to these featured programs?

Each program is linked to a corresponding University site where you can find out more information about the program as well as request more information.

How do I apply for scholarships?
Applying for scholarships is a great way to move forward with your degree. Each scholarship has its own application process, but the information we provided on the Scholarships page will direct you to a page with contact information for that scholarship.

How much money does the average public administrator make?

Salaries will vary depending on what industry the job is in, and even between jobs in the same industry. With an MPA, the possibilities are limitless. Advanced leadership positions are more widely available to candidates with their master’s degree. For more information, visit our careers page.

Are the featured degrees the only institutions that offer MPA’s?

Many different schools around the country—and even the world—offer MPA programs. The ones listed here are some that we think are particularly special. These programs offer unique opportunities to each student and widen their path to success with individualized courses, primer student services, and trusted professors.

If I’m a veteran, what are my benefits?
As a veteran, there are many options available to you for advancing your career. Different schools offer specialized aide, but there are more general benefits offered to you by the government. Visit our Veteran Benefits page for more information.

If I want to learn more about what Public Administration is, where should I look?
Public Administration is a vast and continually growing industry. Check out some of our resources like industry news to learn more about the field.