Millennials are changing the way public administration works

Millennials in Public Administration

In 2015, millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. Since then, industries across the job market—from accounting to government—have seen a major shake-up in the way they do their everyday jobs and the way their organizations fundamentally operate. In Public Administration, the effects of this generational shift can be seen in the trending topics of the industry: trends that are changing the industry forever.

Networking has always played a major role in the success of a career. But more than ever, networking across industries has become a way that public administrators get results in their work. Using the resources that other sectors and jurisdictions can supply makes for more efficient and effective work, and the new wave of public administrators is capitalizing on this fact.

Millennials in the Workforce

From brainstorming ideas to developing network contacts that can push a project forward, the value in this kind of teamwork is shown thoroughly through the advancement of the industry. An enhanced focus on a positive outcome for the project, rather than the intermediary steps, has brought new growth and success to public administrators.

Public Administration was born out a need to take complex organization and apply them. Essentially, adaptation is a key aspect of the industry itself. A 2015 study shows that millennials, more any previous generation, are the generation considered best at key skills businesses require to remain agile and innovative. And likewise, hiring managers are prioritizing hard skills over personality.

Using these skills and maximizing the skills of the team as a whole is one ways that millennials are changing leadership in Public Administration. Team work is more valuable than having one leader and subsequent followers. Top administrators are relying more heavily on this strategy and negotiating skills compared to formal authority.

Developing the new skills that fit the rapidly evolving work place requires a commitment to understanding the industry itself, and the people working within it. Leadership and management styles change over time, and keeping up with them is an important part of staying relevant and effective in the field of Public Administration.