What is Public Administration?

Working in Public Administration

A Public Administrator works to help organizations, public or private, apply policies and programs in the most efficient and effective way. This means budget and time management, resource allocation, communication strategy, and other similar skills go a long way for jobs in Public Administration. For help with your career in Public Administration, some of these resources might give you a better look into the field.

Public Administration: Past and Future

The field itself was developed in order to help the government apply the policies and regulations that it developed, but as time went on, other sectors encountered similar issues, and a need for Public Administration became common across sectors and job markets. This need, however, is still growing and changing, so keeping up with it can be a challenge.

Find out what Public Administration is all about, what’s changing about it, the resources you need to get to know the industry, and the ways to help to find a path that’s right for you on this site.

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