Nonprofit Jobs with Public Administration

What is a Nonprofit?

A non-profit organization’s mission is often dedicated to a specific social need or cause. What separates a non-profit from a for-profit organization is its redistribution of excess revenue. For non-profits, revenue goes back to their cause, while in for-profit organizations, it goes to the shareholders. This fundamental difference highlights the relevance Public Administration has in these particular fields. In order to redistribute excess funds, proper management and organization must take place. 

Valuable skill sets, such as resource management and planning, are highly valued and can be applied in many different types of non-profit opportunities. With a degree in Public Administration, students and working professionals learn the necessary skills to work in a non-profit organization, ready to make lasting changes in their community.



Opportunities in Nonprofits

Nonprofit jobs require a heightened sense of social awareness, and a Master’s in Public Administration teaches these skills in conjunction with more tactile skills, like budgeting, time management, and critical thinking.

Nonprofit jobs, even volunteer opportunities, can help you understand the industry better, and can lead to the possibility of running your own nonprofit in the future. The skills required to do this come from first hand experience along with learning the inner workings of the industry that often have to navigate tricky tax codes and other public policies.

More and more, this area of the workforce is in need of Public Administrators. Non-profit organizations have to understand public policy in order to work with it—not against it. Finding the balance to achieve that requires skills that a Public Administration degree provides.

Nonprofit Jobs

Volunteering at a nonprofit is a great way to start your career in this field, and it only takes a few hours out of your weekend. With volunteer experience and your MPA degree, advancing in a company whose mission you’re passionate about isn’t much of a daunting task. In fact, the passion for nonprofit work drives people forward every day, with endless opportunities to advance in their career. 

Some Jobs in this Field Include:

  • Director of Fundraising: Above all, this role requires organization. Event planning, donor communications, grant writing, and budget allocation are all parts of the job that require vigilance and practicality. Day to day, this job can change drastically, so adaptability is also a valued trait of a fundraising director. Creativity, interpersonal skills, and marketing all play a role in nonprofit fundraising.
  • Nonprofit Management: Size, location, budget, and mission differs between every non-profit organization, and thus the job of a manager must adapt to these variances in day to day operations. In general, it is the responsibility of the manager to make sure the organization is meeting its goals, staying up to date on the needs of the community, and maintaining the image of the brand.
  • Special Project Manager: Because of the varying mission statements of non-profit organizations, having specialists to manage projects is an essential part of a successful charity. Responsibilities include maintaining relationships with donors, connecting with the community to develop relevant aid programs, and working with various departments to coordinate budgets and projects. Skills like interdepartmental communication and effective resource allocation are essential in this line of work.

Building a Better Community through Nonprofit

When considering a degree in Public Administration, the rewarding aspect of the field is a great way to be sure you’re getting the most out of your career and education. Non-profit companies need skilled workers to make sure their company is doing its best to meet the needs of their community.

Each of these positions exist in many different types of nonprofit groups. Even those who are just starting out can find nonprofit volunteer opportunities and entry level jobs working with groups like homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and even animal rescues. These positions can be both rewarding and a stepping stone towards a leadership role in these organizations, or an organization of one’s own.

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