Government Jobs: Public Administration

Why Work for the Government?

Public Administration was born out of the need for a more focused and efficient implementation of public policy. Today, this fact makes government jobs and Public Administration perfectly paired: as the government and its agencies grow and complicate themselves, the need for public administrator’s skills like pragmatism, social responsibility, and strategic planning increase.  With these and the many other valuable skills learned as a Public Administrator, the opportunity to implement changes opens the door to making a lasting impact in the community. Government Jobs can be rewarding and they provide opportunities for growth in many different ways. Moving up in a government job can mean moving all the way up to an elected official or even a judge.

What’s a Government Job Really Like?

Some important roles filled by Public Administrators have job responsibilities that make government work unique.

  • Budget Analyst: Budget analysts focus on determining the most effective allocation of funds. With this, it is also necessary to give thorough explanations as to why these budgets are necessary, and skills like effective communication, both written and oral, become very important.
  • Urban Planning: An urban planner uses skills like resource management to develop plans for land use and community programs that encourage population growth. Other skills valued in this role include practicality and social responsibility and can be applied in situations regarding zoning laws and project proposals that affect various areas of the community.
  • Recreation Management: The responsibilities of the recreation department include everything from first aide administration to community education programs. Effective communication and adaptability are crucial aspects of these positions because of the ever changing needs of citizens.

How Does the Government Work?

Understanding the way government functions can often be challenging, so finding a government job that makes sense for you can also prove to be a struggle. Learn the basics of how the government works so you can work for the government!