MPA: Public Administration and Policy

What is Public Policy Administration?

Understanding the intricacies of public policy is a unique and valued skill. A Public Policy Administration degree can prepare you for a life in many different areas of government and private sector jobs. Applying public policy in an effective way gives an organization more opportunities for success. In other words, being able to work with these policies rather than around them gives companies more options for improvement. Jobs in public policy can range from consultants for private organizations to public administrators who help draft and apply policy within the government.

In Depth Public Policy Administration

Laws and policies made by the government are filled with bureaucratic language that not many people outside of the field can fully understand. It can be tricky to work in the government without this skill, though. That’s where an MPAP comes in— learning the intricacies of the language used in policy making along with understanding the cause and effect aspect of those policies makes for a valuable candidate for many different positions like policy analyst and programs coordinator.

  • Public Administration and Policy at American University

    Learn 100 percent online from the center of Public Administration and policymaking. The online Master of Public Administration and Policy (MPAP) combines American University’s nationally recognized and NASPAA-accredited Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) and Master’s in Public Policy (MPP) degree programs into one foundational, highly marketable credential.