Related to Public Administration: Public Health

Schools with Public Health

At schools like Benedictine University and Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, students can participate in programs that are closely related to Public Administration, but are active in a wider variety of fields. Although these schools do not provide a degree in Public Administration specifically, they offer students the opportunity to obtain a degree in Public Health or Occupational Health. Through these programs, students will acquire the leadership and management skills needed to pursue positions of authority and influence that serve the public and promote public health.

At Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, the online Master’s in Public Health (MPH) takes you beyond the classroom with four courses of fieldwork. You’ll select an organization in your community where you can apply the skills and knowledge you gain in this program to tackle a pressing public health issue. Your coursework culminates in an integrative final capstone in which you analyze a single public health issue and draw on your fieldwork experience to inform your analysis. This fieldwork ensures you’re practicing where you could work as a practitioner.

What can you do in Public Health?

Public Health, like Public Administration, can apply to a wide range of job opportunities. Some of those positions include policy advocacy, health education, institutional administration, treatment delivery and disease prevention. Within these positions, Public Health Professionals need skills like management, leadership, and a passion for public service. Much like Public Administration, these roles are typically filled by individuals whose goals are focused on making lasting and positive changes in their local and global communities.