Lewis University

The History of Lewis

Founded in 1932, Lewis University has been committed to its students and their success for over 80 years now. Lewis University’s dedication to enduring values and professional experience is embedded into its liberal arts curriculum, where seasoned and knowledgeable professors give students the upper hand in post-graduate life providing expert experience in their field. Today, students now have the option to get a degree through Lewis Online, making it possible to learn anytime and anywhere. Lewis is one of the many institutions sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers and is a part of the international Roman Catholic teaching order. Lewis University’s values are exhibited in both word and practice, making it a prominent and respected University.

Lewis Online

MSPSA Program

Lewis’s online MSPSA program teaches students the vital skills to navigate and address complex challenges of our modern world. Lewis online provides a flexible learning platform, preparing those who are interested in managing fire, emergency medical service, police, and other public safety occupations in our society. Lewis University’s online MSPSA program educates students how to lead and communicate in times of crisis, advancing knowledge in synthesizing theoretical and research concepts, conflict resolution, and efficient management of organizations.

Key program elements:

*100% online

*36 credits