John Hopkins University

JHU, Then & Now 

Johns Hopkins is America’s first research university and is well-known for excellence in education across different fields of study. The first president of the University made it clear: the goal of John’s Hopkins University is to focus on research and the accomplishments of individuals who aim to advance the sciences and the world around them. Since then, their highly trained professors have worked hard to live up to this standard and teach students the value of research. Today, students have the option to get a degree through Johns Hopkins online programs and receive the same quality education with the flexibility to log into the course management system at their convenience. In its 136 years of education, JHU has maintained its vision as a student-focused institution that aims to share knowledge and discoveries that work to give the world a brighter future.

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John Hopkins Online

Solving Real-World Problems

Johns Hopkins online works to bring together the theory and practice of government, politics, and policy-making. JHU combines graduate studies with work experience, with the primary goal of John Hopkins online to provide students with methods to help solve real-world governance and policy issues. The internationally renowned faculty are at the highest levels of government and industry, holding doctorates in political science, international relations, and history. Students who wish to focus on a particular field of study have the option to choose between optional concentrations:

Key program elements:

*100% online

*36 credits