MPA: HR Management Degree Specialization

Innovation in Human Resources

Working to make your company work harder—that’s the mission of HR Managers. Finding talented and driven individuals and figuring out how to get them all to work together makes the challenges of an HR manager both interesting and unique. Keeping up with trends in the industry while evolving the work environment to those shifts gives HR professionals the opportunity to be innovative and competitive in the workplace. Growth in this field from 2014 to 2024 is projected to be around 9%, which is faster than most fields. Jobs can range from entry level to Director of Human Resources to a Public Service Program Manager.

Where MPA takes on MBA

The world of human resource management can often be focused on the private sector, but the public sector also has a growing need for these professionals. HR is about finding innovative ways to make people feel empowered in their work, and giving them an environment to do so. This focus on people is closely linked with the ideas of a community, social responsibility, and working to make people’s lives a little better: all important skills that students will learn in a Master’s in Public Administration degree program.