MPA: Homeland Security Degree Specialization

Homeland Security Education

The Department of Homeland Security is an essential part of the government and works to keep the country safe. An MPA Homeland Security degree is becoming more valuable as the state of the world’s international affairs becomes tenser. A new emphasis is being placed on the effectiveness with which Homeland Security navigates threats and intelligence data. To do this, a unique set of skills is required and valued in positions within these government agencies. An MPA Homeland Security degree can lead to jobs that include mission support specialist, law enforcement, immigration and travel security, and prevention and response teams.

What a Homeland Security Degree takes

Becoming a part of the special team that makes up the department of homeland security takes a lot of work. Some of the requirements for the positions within this department include citizenship, background checks, and even polygraph tests. The intensity of the role is made clear with the training in Homeland Security degree programs and students come out prepared to apply for positions that work to ensure our nation’s safety.

  • Homeland Security at Anna Maria College

    Anna Maria College’s online Master of Public Administration degree with a Homeland Security specialization gives you the disaster prevention and response expertise needed to provide protection to your company, your community and your nation. Learn how to anticipate, prepare, prevent and react to numerous situations with a clear understanding of ethics, psychology, public communication and more. Skills include: risk analysis, international threat detection, domestic threat detection, inter-agency coordination and public policy analysis.