MPA: Government Studies Degree Specialization

Applying Government Studies

It’s possible to make a positive change in your government or your community, but you have to know how it all works first. Getting a master’s degree in Government Studies can give you the tools you need to understand the government, and how to bring about reform. With a focus on the examination of institutions within the government, master’s degree programs in Government studies aim to give students the power to make a difference, both at home and abroad.

Figuring out the Government

Government Studies can mean a few different things, but the main goal is to educate students on the inner workings of the government so that they can understand where changes need to be made, and where changes will make a meaningful difference. Find out more about the US government to get a closer look at what Government Studies is all about.

  • Government Studies at John Hopkins University

    The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies brings together theory and practice in the study of government and its effects, domestically and abroad. Earn a master’s degree or graduate certificate with the prestige of Johns Hopkins University and the flexibility of AAP’s online options.