MPA: Fire Service Degree Specialization

Why do firefighters need a master’s?

Fire service professionals are highly trained and skilled individuals, and a master’s degree builds on those skills while students develop into capable leaders for their departments. Firefighters in the field will learn how they can better plan, manage, and develop their departments so that they can focus on saving lives in the field. Fire Service is closely related to rescue services, and job descriptions in the field often require experience in both areas. An MPA in Fire and Rescue Services can bring these two disciplines together into a cohesive unit suited to lead communities and save lives.  

Progress in Fire Service

The fire safety industry is moving quickly towards a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree, and, more and more, leadership positions in fire service are requiring a master’s degree. In MPA Fire Service programs, students will gain a deeper understanding of management, social responsibility, and leadership.  In addition to the skills needed to be a valued leader, a focused understanding of fire technology and contemporary fire research is an important aspect of Fire Service programs.

  • Fire and Rescue at Anna Maria College

    For those seeking an executive role in fire and rescue services, advanced credentials are now becoming the new norm. With greater competition for top positions, the Fire/Rescue Services specialization of AMC’s online Master of Public Administration prepares you to stand out amongst your peers for positions like Fire Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Battalion Commander and more.