MPA: Emergency Management Degree Specialization

What Can an Emergency Management Degree do for You?

A Public Administration Emergency Management degree gives students the opportunity to understand and manage a community in case of an emergency. Skills like resource management, budgeting, and strategic planning are essential in Emergency Management and are the main focuses of the program. Students in these programs will be able to provide practical solutions in a fast paced environment and effectively apply public policy to these situations.

What Does An Emergency Management Professional Do?

As an Emergency Management professional, it’s important to understand the context of emergencies, both natural and manmade. An Emergency Management degree provides the proper education so that students are better suited to take control of the resources and services offered both before and after a disaster strikes. As weather patterns shift, they become an even greater risk, meaning more professionals are needed in the emergency management industry. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Emergency Management degree is becoming more valuable for the work force as the field is projected to grow by nearly 7 percent by 2024.

  • Emergency Management at Anna Maria College

    Prepare to become an emergency management expert, where you will learn how to plan and direct disaster response or crisis management activities, provide disaster training, and prepare emergency plans and procedures. Whether working within local, state or federal settings, the Emergency Management MPA degree from Anna Maria College will train you to be prepared and lead in times of crisis.