Public Administration Degrees

Public Administration: Degrees that Deliver

A Public Administration degree gives students the opportunity to explore what the job market has to offer with skills that apply to everything from budget management to non-profit fundraising. After graduating from an MPA degree program, students can expect a wide range of applications for their degree.

With expertise in many areas of the workforce, an MPA graduate has the potential for a well-rounded, outcome oriented career in public service. An MPA allows students to expand their knowledge and skillsets as well as learn how to aptly apply that knowledge to encourage an effective and efficient outcome.

In an MPA degree program, students learn solution-oriented strategic planning that becomes a highly valued skill post-graduation.

What can you do with an MPA?

MPA degree students have the opportunity to learn business skills without getting an MBA, which is often more expensive than an MPA. Master’s of Public Administration degrees are focused on a wide variety of skills, like learning how to apply those skills in a public service environment, setting this degree apart from others like it.